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Welcome to Autograph Pros L.L.C., U.A.C.C. Registered Dealer #237
Thank you for coming to visit AutographPros.com. What you will find here is an accumulation of over a decadesí worth of in-person autographed memorabilia for sale. In recent years we've expanded our staff to accommodate the great demand for authentic in-person autographs. Owner and founder, Michael Kasmar, along with his staff have been seen on television shows such as Access Hollywood, ESPN, local news, as well as documented in magazines, trade publications, and newspapers.

Our credentials include:
-Our items can be accepted and found at every major auction house in the world. In addition our autographs are all guaranteed to pass any of the top major authenticatorís inspection.
-Autograph Pros, L.L.C. is a UNIVERSAL AUTOGRAPH COLLECTORS CLUB Registered Dealer. That means our Certificate Of Authenticity is as good as it gets and of the most respected in the industry. The Registered Dealer program is not just some pay for membership program. With less than 300 members worldwide accepted into this elite group of autograph dealers, each memberís inventory is well policed and scrutinized to ensure only 100% authentic autographs are sold. In addition there is a strict CODE OF ETHICS which we are required to abide by.
-Autograph Pros, L.L.C. is also an Accredited BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU member with a lifetime A+ rating.
-Our charity page carries countless references of our organization so please have a look there as well.

There are several things you can expect from us here at Autograph Pros LLC:
All autographs that we sell come CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC. The signatures are obtained in person and are accompanied by a hand signed Certificate Of Authenticity. There are no reprints, reproductions, or facsimile signatures sold here.
Nearly all our autographs are accompanied by some type of proof whether it be a snapshot, Notary document, Video footage, something to prove we met them in person.
Reliable customer support that you can count on. Any questions or any issues no matter how big or small, you are always welcome to contact us and we will make sure all questions are answered and any problems will be solved.
Full dedication to your satisfaction. Whether you are a single item buyer, a Platinum wholesale member, or one of the large charity organizations working with us, we will treat you with the professionalism that our company's name stands for.
A message from Michael Kasmar, Owner of Autograph Pros....
Autograph Pros has become one of the largest authentic autographed guitar distributors in the world. In all likelihood we are the largest and this business continues to grow exponentially each year. I certainly did not start off that way and take great pride in all of the accomplishments along the way. Please don't take that statement as one to lead you to think we are some huge non-approachable company too busy to talk autographs. We will answer every, and any question you had care to ask in regards to our items.

You will find on our site that we make every purchase as comfortable and secure as humanly possible. I'd like to just start with a past history of what exactly led me to do what it is that I do and how Autograph Pros came about...

I first started collecting in the very beginning of the 80's and amassed an incredible collection of autographs, especially sports related ones. Financial strains led me to do the unthinkable; I had to sell my collection. In doing so I lost signatures of several deceased Hall Of Famers and Rock & Roll legends, all of which seemed irreplaceable.

As time went on and I was back in the swing of things, I was able to come back into the hobby with a desire to reclaim a collection to be proud of again. Although I wasn't able to replace the Mantles and DiMaggios to name a few, I was able to get some incredible connections to obtaining in person autographs on a regular basis.

After just about a year I had far more autographs than I ever obtained in my original collection and I realized the potential I had of making a profit on some of my items. I started doing card shows and conventions and even a few local auctions. All of this did well but with the amount of autographs I was getting in, I was getting too much inventory and having to wait for the good shows caused me to move to the internet.

Autograph Pros was one of the first legitimate autograph dealers to ever start listing on ebay. As time went on we picked up more connections, more helpers, and better items. We got our website up which has undergone fantastic changes over the years and we still continue to add new features to the site. The bottom line is I am a collector at heart. We are the ones out there spending countless hours and days to get the items you see on this site and on our auctions. We take a great pride in what we do as this is a tremendous undertaking and no matter what we celebrity could say about autograph dealers, our autographs that we obtain go to their biggest fans, the ones who by the way make them what they are.

We constantly update our site but we also have a huge line of sports memorabilia not listed so if you don't find what you are looking for here, please feel free to use the CONTACT US link above with your want-list or you can "INSTANT MESSAGE" us using AOL INSTANT MESSENGER by adding Autograph Pros to your buddy list.

Some of the greatest achievements to date has been our work with non-profit organizations. With our huge success we have been able to help countless charity organizations raise vital funds for their causes. We've supplied top radio stations with GRAND PRIZES to give to their listeners, and we have furnished restaurants and bars with customized guitars to make their customer's experience just that much more enjoyable. I truly hope you will find this website to be one that you visit regularly and hope to know you on a first name basis very soon.
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