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Sevendust John Connolly Autographed Signed Live Photo PSA/DNA AF AFTAL
Sevendust John Connolly Autographed Signed Live Photo PSA/DNA AF AFTAL
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Charity Fundraising Reputation Authenticity  

Charity Fundraising Reputation Authenticity

Charity Fundraising
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| Charity Fundraising
| Charity Fundraising
| Charity Fundraising
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Did you know that the FBI warns that 70% of the autographs sold on the marketplace are forgeries? That’s an unfortunate reality and the forgers are now targeting everyone INCLUDING charities in this $100 million dollar a year forgery market. Far too often I see organizations that have spent years establishing themselves in their communities only to turn a blind eye to the autographed memorabilia that they accept at their events. Sadly there are others who try to offer the same charity service and mislead charities into thinking their autographs are real. Don't be taken in by other 'Autograph Dealers' offering simply a COA and some photos of celebrities signing to pretend their items are authentic. .BE WARNED! If your autographs can’t pass PSA/DNA, JSA or GAI authentication, they are virtually worthless.

AutographPros.com carries items with video footage of the exact items being signed. Anyone can buy photos from paparazzi or other collectors of these celebrities signing and forge a bunch of items; what we offer is irrefutable proof and items which have been thoroughly examined by industry recognized professionals. We also carry the largest selection of music and celebrity memorabilia that is already PSA/DNA authenticated (www.psadna.com) and EVERY item we sell is guaranteed to pass any major authentication firm’s scrutiny and is guaranteed to be accepted at every major auction house in the world.


The 'Certificate of Authenticity' is one of the greatest salesman gimmicks ever invented. Time and time again, these elegant pieces of paper that are created on a home computer deceive thousands of trusting buyers year after year. The fact is, in most cases, the Certificate of Authenticity is nothing more than a blindfold to the customer. The "PHOTO PROOF" was something we took great pride in (YEARS AGO) where we had been one of only a handful of authentic in-person autograph dealers and were snapping photos of our items being signed. Back then it meant something to include these photos. Now the forgers are buying "PHOTO PROOF" from paparazzi and autograph collectors. Their high quality images display all the top A-listers signing autographs but the problem is, they never show your exact item being signed. We here at Autograph Pros offer what is known as "FLAWLESS PROOF" photos where we are either holding up the item just after the star signed it in the proof photo or we show them with pen to item in the proof photo. Outside of this type of "PHOTO PROOF" you better be wary if they don’t have any of these. If they boast all these proof images, tell the provider you'd like to know how many items they are offering where it shows the exact item and signature in the proof photo. Another thing we've added is VIDEO PROOF where we have 100s of autographed guitars now which show the exact item being signed.

Imagine the embarrassment and potential legal action when one of your donors goes to have an item authenticated and finds out it’s a forgery. Save yourself from that by simply adding our items which are already authenticated by PSA/DNA (www.psadna.com) the world’s largest 3rd party autograph authenticator.

About Autograph Pros, L.L.C. : :

We have the expertise and professionalism that you should expect from our company’s name. We are one of the oldest Established online Autographed Dealers. We are the exclusive celebrity and music autograph supplier to Cmarket as well as the NY Times Store. We are UACC REGISTERED DEALER #237 (the most respected and elite autograph organization in the world) and are an Accredited Better Business Bureau Member with a lifetime complaint free record. We have references for both our charity work and for our autographs so please call us now and we’ll help to exceed your fundraising expectations.


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Michael Kasmar

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