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Joe Namath - a legend for sure!  
Joe Namath - a legend for sure!
News Summary:
New Joe Namath signed Jerseys, footballs, lithos, photos, helmets all with FLAWLESS VIDEO and/or photo PROOF!

News Content:
It's always a true gift to meet a living legend but when you see one act like a legend, well that's what really makes this job worth doing. It was off to try to meet up with Broadway Joe Namath again and as always we went prepared. Helmets, lithos, panoramic photos, jerseys, footballs, we were ready. Now don't get me wrong, I have been in this profession for many years so you really never know if you'll even get 1 autograph let alone multiples but Joe has always been very kind and while it sounds like a lot, there were a few of us on staff so we wouldn't be too overbearing.

We arrived at the location and as timing would have it, not even 5 minutes later Joe was pulling up in his golf cart and signing away! Without hesitation he was kind enough to pick up the marker and the first thing he signed was my official Jets helmet. Next to be signed was a jersey, a couple replica full size helmets, and a couple panoramic photos. I'm not sure if you've seen these panoramic photos from Photofile but WOW are they incredible. At the price they charge for them unsigned they should be, but after securing Joe's autograph on them, they are simply priceless. Shortly later we were invited to get the footballs signed as well including a few with Broadway Joe Namath and one with Joe Willie Namath as well!

Now if you had just read this whole story and didn't really know our company and reputation, I'd not blame you if you were skeptical. I mean, all those high end items, how could you possibly believe it. Well, we understand there is an understandable concern for authenticity which is why Autograph Pros goes far above and beyond all of our competitors. Not only did we obtain these signatures in person, we have exact VIDEO PROOF on all of the high end items and exact photo proof on all of the footballs. I'm not talking some generic proof, this shows the exact item being signed where you can see the signature as he applies it! HOW IS THAT FOR PROOF!?

Each item below comes with FLAWLESS VIDEO PROOF showing him signing the exact item:

Joe Namath signed official full size Jets Helmet $799
Joe Namath signed replica full size Jets Helmet $599
Joe Namath autographed Jets Jersey with sewn on everything $599
Joe Namath autographed panoramic photo $699
Joe Namath and Stephen Holland signed litho $899
These items have exact photo proof:
Joe Namath autographed football with display case $549
Joe Namath autographed football (no case) $499

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