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Just back from NY- Got Kenny Chesney, Jason Mraz, Reggie  
Just back from NY- Got Kenny Chesney, Jason Mraz, Reggie
Just back from NY- Got Kenny Chesney, Jason Mraz, Reggie
Just back from NY- Got Kenny Chesney, Jason Mraz, Reggie
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After a full day in NY, we ended up with nearly 100 autographs including some top items with either video footage or photo footage of everything being signed. With this kind of proof, these items will NOT last long so be sure to contact us or buy them immediately.

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Welcome back everyone. Sorry we don’t keep you fully up to date but it’s Summer time and all work and no play makes for a dull life. My sister once told me “No one ever sat at their death bed wishing they worked more”. Of course this was just after I had worked non-stop at this business for the past 10 years. Anyhow, it was off to NYC again in hopes of scoring some more autographs.

The main draw of the day for me was Kenny Chesney so I immediately arrived at NBC Studios for a chance to meet Kenny going into the Conan Obrien show. Unfortunately after hours of waiting we were left to realize he had gone in the garage without anyone having any access to them. From my understanding that’s how a lot of the stars are going in these days due to some unruly graphers. Next up was Abe Vigoda, most popularly known as Fish on the Barney Miller show. That guy was old on the show even back then so to see him up and around was a blessing. Sadly he was not willing to sign even for me in a 1 on 1 atmosphere. The movie “Grumpy Old Men” did come to mind.

After his entrance, next up was Gary Oldman. Gary played part as the Police Chief in “The Professional”, one of my top favorite movies so I was excited to meet him. He also is blowing up in popularity right now having just played the Police Commissioner in the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight”. Gary immediately put marker to photos and signed for everything including multiples and taking photos with. We got some great signed 8x10 photos with videos of him signing them. After that we immediately headed over to ABC Studios.

Upon arriving to ABC Studios we set up our spot at the Conan Obrien show to get Jason Mraz on some guitars, baseball’s Commissioner Bud Selig, and Pierce Brosnan. As soon as I arrived I got a tip that Reggie Jackson would be coming out of his hotel in 15 minutes so half my staff stayed at Conan and the rest of us went over to Reggie’s hotel. Apparently George Steinbrenner had just gone into the hotel stiffing everyone however Alex Rodriguez best known as A-Rod signed a few photos for one of my guys on the way out. The drive to get us there took almost all of the 15 minutes and true to the information, Reggie came out after only a few minutes wait. Now what happened next was a bit interesting.

One of the NY regulars who is very vocal to the stars started really pushing Reggie on to start signing. So much so that I really think he guilted Reggie into signing. I’m not really sure as these situations are often tough to say for sure. All I know is the last thing this kid said to Reggie was “Thanks for nothing”. Just after that Reggie put his stuff down in his SUV and came back to lecture this kid. He said “It really hurts me that you would act this way. I’m not a custom to having people behave the way you people are behaving and it saddens me”. It was an awkward and unique moment however the grapher did explain that he was just trying to get him to sign. Just after that came 3 Reggie Jackson signed baseball bats and a pinstripe jersey signed by “Mr. October” himself. This all comes with EXACT PHOTO PROOF of him signing each item!

Just after that I ran back to my truck only to find a nice $95 parking ticket just written so recent that the ink wasn’t dry. Oh well, take the good with the bad in that situation. NY is always brutal on the parking. I remember I got 3 parking tickets in one day, 2 on the same street! Price we pay when time is really $. Now it was back to try for Jason Mraz and the rest at Letterman. While we were gone my guys posted up there were able to get 1 Pierce Brosnan autograph. He only signed 4 out of all the crowd. Not sure how nice he was going in as we got there only for his going out. Also while my guys were there and I was getting Reggie, Bud Selig was super nice signing for everyone. We were able to get a bat signed and a baseball both with VIDEO PROOF of him signing each!

As soon as I had arrived back not even 5 minutes went by and Jason Mraz came out. He wasn’t really that accommodating but we did manage to get a couple guitars signed, again with FLAWLESS VIDEO PROOF of him signing each. He stiffed quite a few people. The guitars are really nice, one is a nice USA Flag one and one was a nice vintage sunburst SG style guitar. Signatures were nice and full too! Next it was off to get Gary Oldman coming out of Conan again and also got to get Joe Buck, a premier play-by-play broadcasters, and he was nice enough to sign whatever anyone asked and also did photos with.

Now having learned our lesson earlier in the day, we knew not to bother for Kenny Chesney at the entrance to Conan and instead headed off to his hotel. Once he arrived he was very accommodating signing up to 2 each for each person. We got a nice USA Flag guitar, a gorgeous gold Les Paul body style guitar, and a nice wood grain fancy body guitar. Must see guitars for sure, and all with FLAWLESS VIDEO PROOF of each being signed. Sorry to use the caps but to have this kind of proof on these types of items is just about unheard of and it’s something we try to do to keep our customer excited about our products.

In the end, you have to love it when a plan comes together. Of all the names up from morning to night that we went for, we got. We should have these products up and running within the next week. Don’t forget to read my other post about the Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan after-party that same night! That will be posted in a few days and features encounters with over 30 stars including Jordan and Jeter.

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