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Jonas Brothers & Miley Cyrus all in 1 week!  
Jonas Brothers & Miley Cyrus all in 1 week!
News Summary:
Updated August 2008 - Video proof shows all of our items being signed by Miley Cyrus and by The Jonas Brothers!

News Content:
Well the summer is definitely heating up and Autograph Pros LLC isn’t one to miss out on the biggest names in the business. This week we set out on a mission to obtain autographs from the 2 biggest names in the pop industry. First off was Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus. She was scheduled to appear on the Today Show. We arrived into the city (Manhattan of course), and figured out best shot would be to get her at the hotel. We weren’t the only one thinking this as there was a fair crowd for 7am waiting for her to exit and within minutes she exited the hotel and was kind enough to sign a strat style guitar and then a couple of our hot pink electric guitars that we had brought just for her! Thanks Miley! Not only did we get her to sign them, we also videotaped her signing them! FLAWLESS PROOF!
After getting caught up on the information about her schedule we opted to not go for her over at the Today Show as we knew she’d be going to Central Park later and figured that would be an easier opportunity. Instead we headed over to Jessica Simpson’s hotel in hopes of securing her on a couple guitars and photos. Unfortunately Jessica decided to sneak out the back and we walked away empty-handed. Oh well, catch ya later Jess.
Next it was off to Central Park to meet up with Miley again. She was there to launch the cross-country fundraiser “Bolt Across America” to benefit the ASPCA and raise awareness for animals in need. This was all part of the promotion for her new movie “Bolt” and what a great way to use her stardom! Upon arrival she assured us she’d find time to sign for us later so while immediately disappointed, she’s one of the few that has been true to her word so we weren’t ready to leave any time soon. We met up with her after she did her thing and she was SUPER SUPER NICE! She signed several more guitars for us including a really sexy purple Les Paul bodied guitar and a few more Strat style guitars which we will be getting custom airbrushed with her portrait on. Again, we were able to get FLAWLESS VIDEO PROOF on these guitars being signed. I’m really glad we did as her signature can range from a quick “MC” to a full every letter signature with a lot in between. When a star’s signature is not that consistent it’s vital to have FLAWLESS PROOF to ensure what you are buying is real and here at Autograph Pros LLC we are going way above and beyond by giving you video shots of your items being signed!

After the Central Park event I believe Miley headed out of town towards the airport. She had been in town for a short stay to promote her new cd Breakout which by the way has blown and debuted on the Billboard Chart at #1. In the end we are now featuring multiple guitars featuring FLAWLESS VIDEO PROOF. Each guitar has an average price tag of $600 so please contact us immediately if you are interested on one as these will go fast.
Next up was the Jonas Brothers who were performing at the New England Dodge Theatre in Hartford, CT on 7/26/08. We had the information on both the hotel and that they were doing some sort of commentary over at a Convention Center in town so we figured we’d have a few shots to secure their autographs. Unfortunately we missed them coming in the night before the show by only minutes. That didn’t deter us and we showed up the following afternoon figuring we’d try again on their way to the interview. We showed up and were impressed at the number of fans waiting for them. There were almost as many for when The Rolling Stones were in Hartford years ago!
While we waited by the buses one of their entourage, possibly their tour manager came up to us and explained that they’d all come out and sign but that we needed to wait up by the corner with the other fans as they would not be stopping in two spots. Normally these tour guys and security are all liars and just try to manipulate you out of your perfect spots so of course we were hesitant. These types of decisions are ones that make or break a day. If we decide to stick by the bus entrance where we know they have to come to, we have a few scenarios that could result. One is that we get them and no one else does. This is often the case, but the tour manager seemed sincere and the wording he chose (they won’t stop twice) really made me believe he was telling the truth. The other scenarios were that we’d upset them and they wouldn’t sign for anyone, and of course the final scenario would be as he warned, they’d only sign for the crowd at the corner and not for us. We opted to trust their manager, and believe me this was a very tough decision. One that reaped incredible rewards….
After waiting another ˝ hour, Nick, Kevin, and Joe all came walking all the way up the street to the corner as the Manager had promised and were super nice to all the fans. They spent at least 5 minutes up there with us taking photos with everyone that asked and SIGNING EVERYTHING! We were able to get 4 guitars signed. One is a beautiful gold guitar that looks just like one that they play. Another is a sunburst vintage one, again looking like one that they play, another is a strat guitar that we plan to get custom airbrushed, and the last one was a USA Flag guitar, really cool! How do you know these autographs are real you ask. WE ALSO HAVE FLAWLESS VIDEO FOOTAGE OF THEM SIGNING EACH GUITAR AS WELL! Again we go above and beyond to secure the hottest names in the nation and bring you more proof of authenticity than you could ever expect or ask for. These guitars are all going to go fast as we are also selling these at $600 each. Please email us immediately if you are interested in any of these incredible signed guitars. With the proof that accompanies them I have to seriously point out that these will fly off the shelf. Less than 1% of all autographs even come with proof so to have FLAWLESS VIDEO PROOF is 2nd to none and these guitars are all visually and mechanically spectacular guitars.
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That’s it for now. Please feel free to email me back with comments or questions using the CONTACT US form at the top. Or just call me toll free at 1-866-544-PROS (7767).

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