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Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock, Reverand Run 8-31-08  
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock, Reverand Run 8-31-08
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Meeting Lynyrd Skynyrd has always been one of my favorite events of the year. Read why.....

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It was time again for one of my favorite bands to get autographs from to roll into town. Lynyrd Skynyrd band members have always been exceptionally nice to me and my staff. I remember one year when the local venue shuttle bus driver was mad at me for getting David Copperfield’s autograph at a restaurant. I guess he wasn’t happy we found them there and possibly got yelled at by David or his staff. In any case, he had it in him to try to ruin my getting autographs at the hotel where we knew the band would be. Well, his plan totally backfired. He ended up telling the tour manager that we sold autographs for a living while one of the band members was signing for me. As soon as he did, the manager yelled to the band member (I think it was Billy Powell), and Billy immediately stopped signing and walked over to his manager. Billy then came back and said sorry, my boss says I can’t sign anymore. After quickly figuring exactly what happened, I waited for the shuttle bus to leave and approached the manager face to face. I explained as clearly as I could that we were in fact there to sell the autographs, that this was how we paid our bills and that we are trying to be of service to the fans who are sick of getting ripped off by all the fakes. I guess he respected the honesty and went back and talked to the band and every one of them came out later and signed EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING. Everyone got multiples signed that day and nothing was left for them to sign.
Back to the present, this tour was to be Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock, and Reverend Run of Run’s House and Run DMC. Unfortunately Lynyrd Skynyrd was the only band to actually stay in town so we weren’t able to get Kid or Rev Run. My staff arrived prior to me and has already secured Rickey Medlocke, Carol Chase, and Ean Evans on their guitars. Carol Chase had a blast with them quizzing them and asking if they knew who she was and who Ean was. They of course remembered them from previous years and answered correctly. Rickey asked if these would end up on eBay to which Carol said “Who cares, it’s a good way to make money!”. While I had missed them then, they came out again and were hesitant to sign again but did it. They thought I was one of the earlier guys trying to double dip. Rickey was cool enough to add Lynyrd Skynyrd to a couple of the guitars that I got signed.

Later to come out was Billy Powell. He had a Mickey-D’s jones and walked by himself up the block to get some McDonalds food. On his way he was super nice, signing everything, taking photos with, and chatting up a storm. He asked us why he was signing guitars and not pianos. The obvious answer we gave was that pianos were a little heavier than guitars. He was cool enough to add “Sweet Home Alabama” on one of the guitars. Next out was the main man, Johnny Van Zant. There were a few kids out there who were there last year as well. They had front row tickets last year and Johnny had pointed to them in the audience. This time Johnny recognized them and again gave them a really warm welcome, even inviting them on the bus and giving them a personal tour. Prior to that, Johnny signed up a storm. He signed everything we had and took photos with each of us. He really made those kids feel special and it was classy all the way!
Another funny part of that day was when Johnny asked us if we were fans or ebay guys. We just giggled. I don’t think he was really expecting an answer when we had a total of about a dozen guitars in his face so it was obvious what we were but then he turned back to the 2 kids and said “You guys are the ebay guys!”, and then hugged them and laughed up a storm. It was a pretty funny moment and another testament to just how cool this band really is.
Last out was Gary Rossington and wife Dale Krantz-Rossington. Gary came right up to me and proceeded to sign my guitar while my guys asked Dale to sign. She acted as if she would but never did and Gary signed only my guitar and then darted right onto the bus leaving all the rest of the guys hanging. We never got him last year either but I don’t think he stayed there with them last year. Either that or we just missed him but in any event, that certainly didn’t spoil our day. Johnny added FREEBIRD to one of the guitars and there are a great variety of signed guitars. There’s a USA Flag one, a 12 sting stunburst Les Paul style one (added Sweet Home Alabama and Lynyrd Skynyrd), a vintage sunburst SG Style one, and a stunning gold sparkling Les Paul style one (added FREE BIRD), as well as our usual Fender and Fender style guitars. Oh yeah, and each guitar comes with FLAWLESS VIDEO PROOF of every member signing each guitar. Prices are from $199-$899 depending on who signed them.
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