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In person with Il Divo, AC/DC, Twisted Sister & more -11/21/08  
In person with Il Divo, AC/DC, Twisted Sister & more -11/21/08
In person with Il Divo, AC/DC, Twisted Sister & more -11/21/08
News Summary:
Got a few more guitars signed by AC/DC, Twisted Sister, and more. Video proof too!

News Content:
So it was off to NYC again and this time we again had several goals which included AC/DC, Il DIvo, Twisted Sister, and Beach Boys Brian Wilson. First stop was for Il Divo at the Regis and Kelly Show. We arrived at the normal time but apparently Il Divo didnít, having arrived a few hours earlier for God knows what reason, so we missed them going in. In the mean time, Keifer Sutherland was also on the show and was nice enough to sign a few photos for us. Keiferís always been a class act and we also got him on a guitar. He not only plays guitar but had worked with Gibson to design a guitar, a custom ďInspired ByĒ guitar. After that, we anxiously awaited Il Divo to come out. For those of you unaware, they are huge right now. Il Divo which is Italian for Divine Male, is a group of guys of all different nationalities. They are the pop vocal group created by Simon Cowell (American Idol). They are also some non signing ******! They pulled the van in and pulled an Il Zilcho to all waiting. I do however have their new cd THE PROMISE, obtained directly from their lable and signed by all of them! Email if you are interested.
Next stop was to try for AC/DC again. Those of you following our blog know that we were successful to get some really hot looking Gibson style guitars signed by Brian Johnson and Malcolm Young but Angus just walked right in, not signing that night. Since then we got a couple of the guitars signed by Angus but no video proof so Iíll probably send those off to PSA/DNA so that our customers can purchase with extreme confidence. We arrived at the hotel thinking they Ďd be checking out at about noon-1pm. Thatís what time they checked out last time. Come noon time we had to make a decision. Brian Wilson and Magic Johnson both had signings starting at noon and 12:30. I know this tour Brian has been horrible but I think it has a lot to do with his handlers. Heís tried to sign a few times but his handlers treat him horrible and basically stop him from signing. I heard heíd only sign the cd or book or whatever he was there to promote so I opted out of even going. If anyone went, let me know how it was. I guess I should have done my homework and googled the Boston signing to see how that went as he was there the night before. Also opted out of Magic Johnsonís signing, Iím just not too big into sports items.

While waiting for Angus Young to come out of the hotel, we were happy to see Brian Johnson taking a walk for coffee or something. He greeted us and said heíd sign for us on the way back so we took him for his word and went back to waiting for Angus. When Brian returned, he flat out lied. Didnít sign anything and went right in. Mind you, itís like 20 degrees outside, so waiting all that time only to be lied to really sucked. Luckily we really didnít need him as we had him on the guitars we brought already, so it was back to the waiting game. It wasnít until around 4pm that they finally pulled the vans up. At this time we played the odds and had split up with a couple of us on each side of the sidewalk, however once it was show-time, they moved everyone to one side of the sidewalk, so it was a little chaotic for a minute, but they had the barricade up and it worked out really well. We were able to get Cliff Williams and Angus Young on all 3 of the Gibson style SG guitars we brought with video proof! These are the ones already signed by Brian Johnson and Malcolm Young so itís as complete a group as one can expect as Phil Rudd never signs anyhow. Whenís the last time you seen an AC/DC signed SG guitar with video proof! Very happy right now.

Next stop was the 5pm Twisted Sister signing at JR Music. As soon as we got up to the table to get our guitars signed, they announced that Twisted Sister would not be signing guitars or pickguards. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Twisted Sister!??!?! I just really didnít expect this crap from them. We got up to the table and flat out asked Dee Snider if he was gonna say no to signing the guitars. He looked up and say no, Iíll sign your guitars. Whew! He also signed a microphone for us and added ďSMF FOR LIFE!Ē. For those of you not into Twisted Sister, SMF stands for Sick Mother F*cker! The odd thing was that the last 2 guys flat out refused to sign the guitars. I donít get it but hey, we got 3 of the 5 and Dee signed them and we got it all on video so not a bad score. We got a really cool black flying v body guitar signed in silver, a black Les Paul style guitar signed in silver and a purple/pink wide body signed in silver. Really hot guitars and weíll be listing them shortly at around $299. I had other workers in line as well who got them on acoustics which we can sell for $125.We also got their new cd signed by all 5 as well as an album so email me if you are interested.
At this point it was just getting colder and we had hoped to try to go for Bob Dylan going into the United Palace theatre but were too late as that was all the way across town so we opted to call it a day. This winter is creeping up on us quick and itís only gonna get colder.


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