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New Years Resolution - Jan 17, 2009  
New Years Resolution - Jan 17, 2009
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Charity Works, Facebook, Forgers, and more- Jan 17, 2009

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With 2009 upon us, as a business we have decided to make a few resolutions. The first was to increase our efforts to help the charities. It's a tough economy and despite that, our sales are as good as ever. I believe the simple fact that we are one of the only reliable sources for the merchandise we sell can be accredited to our success. I guess a reputation and reliable customer service still goes a long way in business. We're creating a new charity division known as "Charity Works". It will put our premium autographed items into the hands of charities at no cost to them and we even cover shipping fees. There will be more on this early next month when we redesign our charity page and do mass promotion.

The next resolution is that we intend to go after a few select forgers. There are a handful of these businesses that have reached new lows. They are doing major ad campaigns, flooding the net with pay per click banner ads, and all the while selling complete forgeries to unknowing buyers. What's worse, some are even targeting charities. Offering super deals on fake autographs and when these donors realize they've been had, what's the chance they will continue to support the charity? It's sickening to me as a human to know the depths these individuals will go but I assure you we've helped take down forgers before and will make a solid effort this year as well.

We are also expanding our networking to social network sites such as facebook. Please take a moment to sign up for our groups, causes, and/or groups we feel strongly about:




We are constantly looking to improve our business, our website, and our relationships with our customers. Please, if you have some suggestions or input we are always happy to hear it. Give us a call or contact us via email. Thank you all and have a safe, happy, and healthy new year!

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